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La notte della luna viola

Per Abby Leigh, la luna viola era solo l’inizio…
La polvere di una cometa di passaggio tinge la luna di viola, ma è anche portatrice di un agente patogeno letale che aggredisce gli ormoni prodotti durante la pubertà. Gli adulti muoiono nel giro di poche ore. La tredicenne Abby deve aiutare suo fratello Jordan e la sua sorellina Toucan a sopravvivere in questo nuovo mondo. Abby combatte contro la fame e gang violente, ma è impotente di fronte alla minaccia più terribile: la bomba a orologeria che è la sua adolescenza.

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A UK reader says…
on 18 October 2015
So far I have only read the first of this trilogy but I had to post my review even before reading the other two. This one of the most unputdownable books I have ever read. It may be meant to be for teenagers, well, I left my teens behind a very long time ago, but I still found the story incredible.
The way the children on the island cope with this horrendous situation is amazing, and my first reaction was, no, they would be more like the children in The Lord of the Flies, but realised that the author had got it right when Abbey and Jordan get to the mainland and find how other children had coped.
I hope I will be able to write more when I have read the other two books, but I am not sure if I will be allowed to write another review.
All I can say is, start reading this, and I bet you can’t put it down.

“The beauty of being human” – Generation M review

Amazon review

One of the best series I have read in a long time. It was wonderful,thought provoking and inspiring. It literally takes you to another place.It brings to life the beauty of being Human, our capacity for both good and evil but never negating the fact that the foundation of the human race is based on love, family, determination and our need to ensure our survival. Beautifully written, well done Scott Cramer well done.

“Intense and gripping”…The Toucan Trilogy

Amazon review:

I thoroughly enjoyed this novel. It was intense and gripping and heart wrenching. I’d say it was written on a middle grade to young adult level. The writing was simplistic but beautiful, which made it an easy read. The author’s descriptive writing style was perfect for me, and I was able to relate to the characters on a personal level. I really liked how the author described all the emotions.

The kids in these novels are fighters. Abby and Jordan are the strongest kids I’ve ever read about. The struggles they go through and the fact that they never give up just astounded me.

The author had a way of pulling you into the simplest scene and making it so intense that you couldn’t put the book down. One of my favorite ones what the landing of the plane in the third novel.

Exciting stuff. I plan to read more by this author. I’d rate this PG. about half a dozen swear words, a few spattered in the beginning of the first novel and in the third novel, but I’d let my eleven year old read it.


Night of the Purple Moon – Goodreads review

4 stars

Although I am not a great fan of young adult literature (I’m 58), this book was a very good read and has piqued my interest enough that I would like to finish the trilogy. A variety of characters, all with their strengths and weaknesses, and a fairly fast-paced (though perhaps not original) plot kept my interest. The interplay among the characters and variety of emotions were quite realistic and caused me to be able to empathize with the good characters.

Toucan Trilogy review — “Read it now”

From  Goodreads

If you have not yet read “Night of the Purple Moon,” read it now. And then read this (2nd) title in the Toucan Trilogy by Scott Cramer. In book one, the youth of the world have to make hard decisions on how to survive w/o adults and in book 2 (Colony East) the kids are hit with a 2nd illness and the challenges provided by surviving with the adults who remain. These stories are interesting, intense and thought provoking. I am currently midway through “Generation M,” the 3rd and final title. I highly recommend all three books and encourage anyone to read them, regardless of your usual reading interests.

A nice change

From Amazon Customer – The Toucan Trilogy (Three dystopian novels: Night of the Purple Moon, Colony East & Generation M)

I loved the fresh take on the dystopian society, with kids running the show and figuring out how to cope in a world struck by believable tragedy. The author did a great job of developing characters and relationships, I was hooked!

Wildly imaginative, unbelievably suspenseful, both dark and hopeful.

From Amazon Customer – Review of Colony East

Predictable? No. Fast? Like lightening. Complex? Like the finest wine. Hopeful? Maybe. Suspenseful? I’m not sure I’ll sleep tonight. This second book by Scott Cramer is, in my opinion, better than the first, and that’s saying something. Mr. Cramer has created what seemed like a young adult book at the onset (Book 1), but rapidly developed into a much broader, much more complex series that not only addresses real world issues, but does so in a way where the gloves come off and stay off. He takes no hostages. No one, no system is safe from his writer’s pen.

In Book 2, Mr. Cramer has woven a story that is like two highways that run parallel to each other. Both go in the same directions, but hold different vistas for those that travel them. At some point in the mileage, the two highways converge, and as the book ends, we find ourselves at the convergence of those highways.

The characters from book 1 two years into the post comet world are with us still in this book. Life on the island has developed into a semblance of the old world, though they are without many of the amenities that made life “nice”. The older kids, now treated from the bacteria spawned from the comet, are teaching the younger kids how to live, to survive the world as they know it. Some of the older kids, however, are no longer with us, including Emily. Her death has been a difficult thing for Jordan to come to terms with and he finds a way of dealing with it that takes him far from his sisters and the island. In the meantime, the youngest Leigh, Toucan, comes down with a new mysterious disease that may have a cure that is only found with the adults form the CDC and the military who have established a colony in New York. Taking her there seems like the only option.

On the other highway we find characters from the colony in New York whose lives paint an entirely different picture for us. Some there are good, though they are complicit by their cooperation with those who would use science without humanity as a way to formulate the future.

When Abby and Toucan find themselves at the Colony, along with many new friends and new enemies, they lose track of Jordan, who has his own problems. Not far apart, but unaware of the other’s plight, the suspense increases as Toucan is transported away from Abby, and Abby finds that her misplaced trust in others might just cause her to die.

With a hurricane barreling down on the east coast, with the newest medical breakthroughs only a building or two away, with Jordan desperately trying to make his way home, and Abby lost in the midst of New York, things look hopeless for all of humanity. The final pages of the book offer us hope for the future, or at least hope for our family from the island. But what will happen to the rest of the world, those left to face the most devastating disaster yet – a new medical catastrophe waiting to happen? Book 3 will let us know!

This book series is excellent. I cannot recommend it enough, both for adults and for young adults. While the situations are intense and the concepts are not for the younger set, the imagination and character development is excellent and well worth the time to read….and enjoy! Well done, Mr. Cramer, well done.