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Five Stars
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What an amazing trilogy. These kept me interested throughout the entire series. Thanks so much Scott Cramer for an exciting series.

Five Stars
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This was a very good read. It was totally unbelievable but a nice way to spend a few afternoons .

Four Stars
Beautifully Written!
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You are taken to another time and place immediately….You feel what the characters are feeling and can see what they are seeing….These books are written beautifully…Thank you for such an enjoyable journey

Four Stars
When kids are running the world, it can turn out better than you’d think.
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This series develops artfully the idea that adults assume that they are wiser than kids and are often quite mistaken. The moral choices the heroine and her brother make in their many brushes with death are as admirable as they are surprising.


5 of 5 stars

When I started reading the book and realized the MC was a very young girl I was doubtful about how good it can be. All my doubtfulness evaporated once I finished the first chapter. The book completely grabbed me from the beginning and I couldn’t put it down. All three books were captivating, well written and heart wrenching. I would recommend these to everyone who likes dystopian novels.


‘Slower than death chained to a stump’ (Or how I became a dishwasher legend)

When I was twenty-two, I moved into my sister’s vacation cottage on Cape Cod, Massachusetts, with the intention of writing poetry. It was winter and desolate. I was flush with cash after working on an offshore drilling rig. Three-thousand dollars in the bank gave you a lot of freedom back then.

I’d write in the morning and then I had to face nineteen more hours in the day. Sleep, jogging, meals, shooting hoops outside with gloves, and reading took up slack, but after a few weeks, too much leisure time was killing me, so I decided to get a part-time job to add structure to my life. I thought a restaurant would be perfect.

The nearby Hearth and Kettle offered family-style dining. Two specialties were baked scallops in a slurry of butter-soaked breadcrumbs and French onion soup with a thick mantel of cheese on top.

I applied for a job as a short-order chef. In high school, I had worked as a counter boy for Howard Johnsons, and the cooks had let me make scrambled eggs and bacon during slow periods. After college, I had worked as a cook at an egg restaurant in California, where I learned how to crack two eggs in one hand. Hearth and Kettle hired me as a dishwasher.

The first week was fun, filled with discovery. Retirees arrived at 3 pm for the blue-plate specials. A slightly younger crowd and families packed the five-to-eight slot. Sundays a harpist serenaded diners. On weekends, a bar crowd arrived around eleven pm. Most notable was the ‘Cape Cod Cowboy’, a guitar troubadour who after his gig would bring over his posse of fans and crew for eggs, bacon, pancakes, and hash browns at 11:59 pm, one minute before closing. He was a local celebrity. He had a big posse.

I developed new respect for dishwashers and the hard work required of them. In my days as a counter boy, if someone puked in the bathroom, you called the dishwasher. In addition to washing pots, pans, silverware, and dishes — burning hands on the plates and glasses off the conveyer belt — I was responsible for cleaning the bathrooms, mopping the floors, and taking out the trash. I helped the harpist wheel her instrument to her car. She tipped me a dollar. The dishwasher and manager are always the last ones to leave a restaurant at night. The Cowboy and his posse usually stayed until two a.m.

The professional dishwasher I worked alongside during peak hours said I was “slower than death chained to a stump.” It was beautiful to watch him work. He was a machine. He taught me how to pick good food off the plates. When the scallop specials left the kitchen, each casserole dish had a smooth layer of brown crumbs hiding the scallops. When the dishes returned, you dredged the undisturbed crumb areas to find untouched scallops. This pro ate a hundred scallops or more a shift.

After a month, the agitation I felt on the job had become greater than the agitation I had felt from having too much free time. I am not a quitter, so I had hoped they’d fire me. I was very slow. After two more weeks, I expected to be called in to see the manager at any minute.

One Friday night the cook went home sick at eleven pm, and for some reason, there was no manager on duty. Then the Cowboy and his posse rode in right on schedule. The waitress scribbled the orders and came to the back with a panicked expression. We were leaderless and cookless.

I took command of the grill and single-handedly saved the night, thinking nothing of it. After I had rustled up the grub, I returned to my assigned post and cleaned up, last man standing.

The next time I reported to work, the manager and wait staff looked at me with awe. They’d all been talking about me. I was a hero. Even the pro dishwasher viewed me with newfound respect.

As my legend grew by the hour, I realized the odds of getting fired had dropped to zero. A few days later I gave notice.

Recent reviews – The Toucan Trilogy box set

5 stars – very good
on May 22, 2015
Nice story. Keeps you wanting to read it. Had to make myself stop so I could get some sleep.
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4 stars – true word smith
on May 20, 2015
A good read!
Live large, become a Cramer fan.
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on May 19, 2015
At first glance and reading what these books were about, I thought for sure that this would be trilogy that I would start, lose interest in, and never finish. I surprised myself when I couldn’t put it down and finished it in less than three days. This isn’t your typical end of the world virus book.. pick it up, you won’t be able to put it down!!
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on May 18, 2015
I enjoyed this story. I read it with my 14 year old grandson and we both found the story interesting. It had a good plot and it moved right along.
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4 stars – Four Stars
on May 15, 2015
Good read.
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on May 15, 2015
It is so hard to find an entertaining read without sex and bad language. My young adult daughter and I were able to read this trilogy and share thoughts and ideas inspired by the settings and conditions presented.
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Good enough to keep you reading. YA writing that entertained an adult.
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on May 10, 2015
I really loved this book! It kept me involved throughout. I am many, many years past being a young adult, and it always excites me to read a book that appeals across a wide age span. This is one of those.
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on May 8, 2015
This series was exciting and touching. The character development was excellent. I really felt an emotional involvement with the kids in the story, and even though apocalypse novels are so common these days, this story was really original. I couldn’t put it down. I would recommend this series to people of just about any age, with the exception of the very young. There are some darker aspects that come with the end of civilization as we know it.
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on May 8, 2015
Very enjoyable read! I was captivated by the story and the characters. Children left on their own and how resourceful they are, followed by the few adults who survived and how they want to handle the world when they get their chance. Yes, there are some editing mistakes, but they didn’t really detract much from the story. I did purchase the trilogy, and I’m not sure I would have appreciated the individual volumes as well because I like my books, even the series, to have a reasonable ending and these don’t seem to be quite as satisfactory in that regard.
I want to note that Volume three is as well-written and suspenseful as you could ask for…..literally biting-your-nails suspenseful. I enjoyed reading it, Scott Cramer. Thank you. I certainly do recommend this Trilogy.

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Night of the Purple Moon (Book 1): 978-1505944778
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Generation M (Book 3): 978-1505942040

The books are categorized as Juvenile/Dystopian, but they are popular among readers of all ages. The books are clean (no sex, clean language, no graphic violence), but parental guidance for readers 13 years old is recommended.

The series has over 3000 reader reviews/ratings on Amazon, Goodreads, GooglePlan, B&N (with a 4+ star rating)

Night of the Purple Moo:

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Generation M:

Additional Reviews:

“Cramer creates a picture of our world that’s both frightening and inspiring in this heartfelt story that both young adults and adults can enjoy.A heartwarming but not overly sentimental story of survival.KIRKUS REVIEWS

“A fine read for youths, highly recommended.” MIDWEST BOOK REVIEW

“The Toucan Trilogy really delivers – a very different dystopian world and this final ending was rather unexpected” AMAZON TOP 500 REVIEWER

Author Bio:

Scott Cramer has written feature articles for national magazines and newspapers, optioned a screenplay, and worked in high-tech communications. His work has appeared in Boy’s Life, Reader’s Digest, the Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, Yankee Magazine and other national publications. The Toucan Trilogy –Night of the Purple Moon, Colony East, and Generation M– are his first novels. Scott and his wife have two daughters and reside outside Lowell, Massachusetts.

Thank you.

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Generation M (The Toucan Trilogy, Book 3)

The explosive conclusion to the Toucan Trilogy.

Coldly implementing their vision of the future, CDC scientists allow a lethal infection to become an epidemic outside the colonies.

Abby, her body wracked by the infection, begins a desperate journey to find her brother Jordan and her little sister Toucan, and save the lives of millions.

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Generation M

The explosive conclusion to the Toucan Trilogy.

Coldly implementing their vision of the future, CDC scientists allow a lethal infection to become an epidemic outside the colonies.

Abby, whose body is wracked by the developing infection, begins a desperate journey to find her brother Jordan, her little sister Toucan, and save the lives of millions.

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